[Bf-committers] New project, let's move on!

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 22:07:34 +0100

Kent Mein wrote:

> I've updated tinderbox-blender.pl to use Mail::Send instead of system
> calls.

Great :) I didn't do that at NaN because I didn't want to make things
unneccesarily harder for some obscure Unix systems.
We can easily require ppl to cpan-install Mail::Send now indeed.

The self change recognizing code should change too. I had it set up in
such a way that I could 'release' the client to all platforms with just
1 command. That should look at the client located in CVS now.

> Here is the diff, should I commit it?

sure. The whole script is a lot of hack'n'slash work. The mozilla team
warned for that already even when I didn't tough it yet ;-) the script
is heavily changed since, but worked flawlessly for months on 10
platforms at NaN 7x24.

> Also what else do we need to update in it to get things going Hans?

I'll remove some features for the beginning. Just the compile status is
enough to start with.

A little update:

Things on the server side are almost ready to implement. I now have the
old NaN internal tinderbox stuff on xserve (not installed yet), there is
a dedicated webserver vhost tinderbox.blender.org for it (though I can't
find the tinderbox account yet, it's not in /etc/passwd ;-) Also there
will be a gforge space available soon with forum, maillist, todo list,

Here's the latest volunteer/platform list : (mods are welcome)

     MacOSX/ppc:    LarstiQ, SirDude
     Irix/mips:     JWalton (gcc + mipspro), SirDude
     Linux/i386:    SirDude, LarstiQ
     Linux/ppc:     LarstiQ
     Solaris/sparc: SirDude, Hans
     FreeBSD/i386:  Bert, Hans