[Bf-committers] Minutes Irc Meeting Feb 16 2003

Rob Haarsma bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:01:46 +0100

Minutes Irc Meeting #blendercoders Feb 16 2003

participants: _michel_, Hos, sgefant, SirDude, phase, LarstiQ, H_xNaN,
aphex and desaster.

1) Release Schedule

There is a preliminary agreement to the release schedule as proposed by
Ton, but it should remain 'confidential' and not be published on forums.
Goals for the upcoming versions aren't discussed yet, new features will
depend on the improvements/changes made to the Tuhopuu tree.
2.27 remains a bugfix release. A 2.26a version will only be considered
if a major issue is found/resolved.

2) Bugtracker

The fixing of bugs will depend heavily on the bugtracker. Bugs from this
list won't be assigned to people directly, but people volunteering to
resolve a reported bug, should be able to let other developers know that
they're working on it. To prevent situations where two ppl start working
on the same bug, an extra status option should be added to the bugtracker
that states whether a bug is: worked on/resolved/pending for verification.
A person other than the developer that fixed the bug should verify and
finally mark the bug as 'solved'.

For reliable bugreports and to be able to contact the original poster of
the bug, it should not be possible to post bugs as an anonymous user.

SirDude will check if the changes can be made to the current bugtracker.

3) CVS

Proposed is a seperate tree for the demo/testfiles. Phase will collect the
current demo/testfiles and write a Howto-test for each file.

Also discussed is the removal of Ghost from the intern directory. A final
decision isn't made because it seems Ghost files have dependancies to other
files from the intern directory. I think Maarten has to see what's the best
option for Ghost.

4) Signing and locking of blenderfiles

The signing of blenderfiles is interesting but currently disabled. Any
volunteer that will try to reinstate this option has my blessings to do so.
Locking of blenderfiles seems useless since the project is opensource.

5) Python

_michel_ will start on the Python integration as proposed in his post to
the bf-committers list. The old situation will be unaffected by this.

6) Japanese Blender

I think everyone agrees on the integration of the changes made by Shizu,
to have a localised/multilanguage Blender. I'm eagerly awaiting his commits
to see what steps need to be taken to globalize his modifications.

No date/time was set for the next irc meeting. Specifics will probably be
posted here, on bf-committers !

Thanks for attending and till next sunday.