[Bf-committers] tackling Python (long)

Douglas Toltzman bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 14:07:56 -0500 (EST)

Whether the import/export functionality is in plugin form, or embedded, I
agree that more import/export capability is important.  I also agree that
it should support as many aspects of the model as possible.  I don't
really have a strong preference on plugin vs. integrated, but I agree that
having basic import/export capability integrated would make it available
to more people.  There is still room for plugins that support esoteric
formats, formats that are changing rapidly, and those that would cause the
main module to become bloated due to their complexity; especially if they
are used by a small number of users.

In summary, I think there is room for both approaches.  If we had to pick
one or the other, I'd have to opt for plugins to avoid the imminent
format wars and eventual bloat.  If we do both, we should design the
import/export interface to work well either way and avoid as much
redundancy as possible.  Maybe the concept of being able to embed a
plugin, similar to the way you can compile Apache modules into the Apache
binary, or as external, loadable modules.

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Rick Kimball wrote:

> Michel Selten wrote:
>  > * vrml
>  >   How about removing the vrml import sources from the tree and convert
>  >   the sources to a plugin? I don't know -yet- if the current api
>  >   supports enough functionality to do so.
>  >   If we can do this, then the vrml import plugin can be maintained
>  >   independently from blender, just as the YAFRAY export plugin.
>  >   (hmm, maybe I should replace the word 'plugin' by 'python script').
> One of the most appealing features about blender is all the builtin
> functionality in one executable.  The ability to create plugins is
> a nice bonus. However,  I feel it is better to cram more stuff
> into one single executable.
> To me, it seems undesireable to make people roam around to 20 sites
> to find the latest XYZ plugin. Once they find the one they want,
> they will have to make sure it matches the version of blender
> they are running.  They will have to install, maybe compile,
> the plugin-in and install it in the right place. Then have to
> debug it when it doesn't work.
> I lean towards adding more importers and exporters into
> the "standard" blender.  It will make blender more appealing to
> a wider audience.  We should start adding full featured
> import and export for all the common formats.  3ds, maya,
> obj, lw, vrml2, x3d.  By full featured, I don't mean just the
> geometry. Full featured should mean geometry, textures,
> vertex and face color, animation, procedural textures,
> UV texture. Bascialy everything that is possible.
> What do others think?
> -rick
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