[Bf-committers] Next Release

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:49:54 -0700

I would like to see the precompiled libraries
moved up one directory level and treated as
separate CVS modules, for example on irix one
would do:

cvs -z3 checkout blender
cvs -z3 checkout blender-precomp/irix

and on windows:

cvs -z3 checkout blender
cvs -z3 checkout blender-precomp/windows

... or something similar.


P.S. Oh yeah ... and add undo! ;)

Kent Mein wrote:
> Now that we have our first Release behind us.
> Anyone have any feedback as far as how the whole process went...
> Good/bad/suggestions for next time...
> We also were talking on irc about the need for a release schedule,
> as well as proposed things to work on for the next release.
> Ton suggested the following:
> March(25th)  2.27
> April(28th) 2.28
> June(2nd)  2.29
> End of July(SIGGRAPH) 2.30
> I kind of like it personally.  We'll talk about it at the next meeting,
> if no one posts anything, so you better have ideas. ;)
> We should also come up with a focus for the next release:
> Ton also had a suggestion for this:
> Making this release focused on bug fixes, 
> get macosX working more like the other platforms.
> Getting python working better.
> What are other people thinking...
> I'd also like to see ghost separated from blender.
> Of course the evil(development) tree is totally separate for new features
> and what not, and assuming they have new functionality thats ready for
> prime time we'd work it in.
> Kent