[Bf-committers] Release done!

Martin Vollrathson bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 14:39:02 +0100

jsmith@kcco.com wrote:
> Quoting Martin Vollrathson <mavos@home.se>:
>>Martin Vollrathson wrote:
>>>Great news!
>>>Is there a source tarball for 2.26 available anywhere? I could only find 
>>>binary packages on the download page.
>>Never mind, I found it.
> Just out of curiosity, where?  I couldn't find it either.  I was going to roll
> my own ebuild for it yesterday, but instead I'll just wait and test yours.  :-)


Making an ebuild for 2.26 seems more difficult than I first had thought. 
I wanted to use the original build system instead of autoconf but it's 
not working out very well. I suggest that you make an ebuild instead, 
you might have better luck. Another possibility is of course to make a 
binary package, like 2.23 which is currently in portage, but it would 
certainly be nicer to have a source package.

I had linking problems with openal and/or sdl... Blender is quite a 
complex package to build. Also, package dependencies are a bit unclear.

Let me know if you come up with a working ebuild...


> Jean.
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