[Bf-committers] Check for a release !

Rob Haarsma bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 12:39:02 +0100

Please check these issues before a release:


The imageselecter now draws *all* icons in the window. Also when you use
the zoom option from the header, the icons on the border of the window 
get drawn. This wasnt introduced earlier because of graphic card issues.
Please verify if it works for your system.
(confirmed to work for windows/OSX, currently disabled for sgi)


It seems the mousewheel doesn't scroll correctly in textwindows. It
either doesn't work at all or one wheelmove acts as a move_to_start or
move_to_end in a textfile.

Load a python script from a directory that is not the current dir. Now
load another script, but then try to go to the same (script) directory
through the paths popup button. The fileselecter moves to the wrong

That's all for now,