[Bf-committers] New features in Blender 2.26

Rob Haarsma bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 19:04:53 +0100

Hey all !

Here's the featurelist, made up from the cvs commit posts made here.

New features of Blender 2.26:

- Mousewheel support for all windows.

- A "fake user" button next to the material popup.
   (basically a shortcut for pressing Shift+F4 and F)

- Added support for manipulating Ipo bezier handles through
   the action window. Selecting action keys and pressing VKEY,
   HKEY, or shift-HKEY modifies the handles of the keys in
   the same way it does in the IPO window.

- CKEY in the action window scrolls the window so that the current frame
   is in the center.

- Extra selection support for the action window, including:
     - border select initiated in the channel names border
       selects the channels and constraint channels.
     - right click or border select initiated in the horizontal
       scroll causes blender to select all keys for the selected
     - right click or border select in the vertical scroll
       causes blender to select all keys for the channel or
       constraint channels that are to the left of the selection.

- Simple shaded+wire and solid+wire drawmodes. It basically draws
   the wireframe after drawing the model in solid/shaded/textured mode.
   The user can set this per object using the "Wire" button in the
   edit buttons window.

- A headerbutton for drawing linenumbers in the texteditor.

- Ctrl keystrokes for cut/copy/paste/undo/redo in the texteditor.

- Support for BMP images.

- NTSC render preset (Image size - 720x480, Aspect ratio - 10x11, 30 fps)


- Make switching to bottom, back, and left view (shift+pad7, shift+pad1
   and shift+pad1) work when in camera view.

- Full screen by default under Unix.


- Icons in the imageselect window get drawn properly.

Please note that all efforts done on the building process aren't listed.
If there is something missing, please post a reply.