[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes sun feb 2

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 4 Feb 2003 16:50:31 +0100

Hi all,

Sunday, feb 2, 21:00-23:20 CET
Present: Sirdude, Phase4, Nutville (Maarten), JWalton, Desaster,  
Larstiq, Michel, Aphex, Hos, Sgefant, Stefan (Arentz)

Action points solved:
- Creator/Publisher targets in build system should be unified to a  
single Blender target.

New action points:
- test the build system, if it correctly makes a single version of  
Blender, with Creator/Publisher functionality
- we need a 2.26 splash! The cool Tuhopuu splash can remain for that  
release... send design examples (with URL) to this maillist
- everyone: update to the latest CVS status, compile, and test! And  
test some more...

Action points pending:
- suggestion: a 'public release hack-down list' with code to be written  
for a release.
- OSX: Project Builder files still in test.
- ODE still hardly functions (cross platform)
- releasing/uploading files at projects.blender.org should be possible,  
we'll check this.
- more (IRC) sessions on coding issues
- Python needs more developers! Artists are welcome too...

1. State of development

- We are going to use the /Changelog for better documentation of fixes  
and features. As discussed and approved on, the GNU style guidelines  
will be adopted for it:
Larstiq will provide information to this maillist about that, and a  
first version of the Changelog file.
- Phase will provide a listing of new features for the 2.26 release,  
also in Changelog
- Maarten will move the /lib out of the CVS blender directory
- Hos will check/fix/commit the slow render 2.25 bug

2. The release

- From now on there will be a feature FREEZE! Meaning commits should be  
refined to bugs found during testing. Release date is set at next  
sunday, feb 9.
- The release will be both an executable and the code... the executable  
will be presented as 2.26; the first beta release of the open source  
Blender project. Goal is especially to get a working version out for  
all users to play with and report on bugs and feature fixes.
- the release will be without players and functional game-engine.  
Question: shouldn't we release with the game engine disabled  
completely? This would prevent a load of unuseful bug reports.
- Please refine to fixing real showstoppers (fatal bugs, crashes) that  
make blender unusable. Also bugs that were not present in 2.25 have  
priority (with exception of game engine of course).
- The Python issue caused a long discussion, since there's still  
confusement about the desired functionality level... Larstiq and Michel  
work on this, and would have preferred to spend more time in getting  
the API fixed to their standards. To not frustrate the release, we've  
agreed that they can still commit to the CVS tree up to wednesday  
(tomorrow), guaranteeing a Python functionality as documented by NaN  
for the 2.23-2.25 releases.
- the appointed platform managers will make the final build, and do the  
final test... to remind who these people are:
   MacOSX: Stefan Gartner (sgefant)
   Sun Solaris: Kent Mein (sirdude)
   Linux: Frederick Lee (phaethon)
   IRIX: John Walton
   FreeBSD: Hans Lambermont
   Windows MSVC: Simon Clitherow (aphex)
   Windows Cygwin: Frank v Beek

If you can't do this, let it know then we'll find someone else.

- Ton will put the old bug tracker back, for review. This version won't  
be used however, once the official 2.26 is out, the bugtracker of the  
Projects site should be used.
- Ton will check/update the copyright text in the /release tree.
- Sirdude will check the release target in the Makefile structure
- we will do the next meeting sunday earlier, to have time for latest  
release notes and stuff
- Ton will discuss with Timothy what we will update for the websites,  
for the release

3. Feedback on projects site

- During the next period, we should make more use of the  
projects.blender.org site, also for discussions. With Stefan Arentz and  
Timothy we can discuss new features and bugs, post them at the BForge  
project of the site.
- Stefan will look at a generic way to have maillists attached to a  
project. An old idea was to enable a maillist to be viewed as a  
discussion forum as well, including posting functionity...

Cya, thanks, and lotsa good luck! And don't get nervous for the  
release, we've done that a 100 times before, and it always will go  
wrong! :-)


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org