[Bf-committers] huh? KX_BlenderSceneConverter.cpp

Nathan Letwory bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:55:44 +0200

After reading a bit more carefull through the warnings generated by 
makesdna (sizeerror) and using "gezond boerenverstand" (my brains) I  
got it to compile after adding _another_ pad variable: "int pad2" after 
"int pad1" in DNA_world_types.h  Looks like someone has been using 
variables that were not supposed to be used?


Nathan Letwory wrote:

> I get the same for MSVC7. Checking the source and CVS commits it looks 
> like Ton removed "int pad1" from DNA_world_types.h with his last 
> commit with the addition of improved exposure calculation. I tried 
> adding it back to the World struct, but then building the DNA fails 
> with "ERROR! Cannot make correct DNA.c file, STUPID!" I have no idea 
> of how it can be corrected.
> The pad1 is necessary for determining the used gameengine.
> /Nathan