[Bf-committers] Render Crash Report

Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 10:38:12 -0500

Hey all:

I had mentioned this last week before the holidays, but thought I'd 
bring it up again. Ton mentioned that the renderer is now a "work in 
process" which I understand: just don't want this particular part 
forgotten. :-)

Unified renderer OR normal renderer, rendering with any plug-in 
textures causes the following crash:

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00143b70 plugintex + 0x5c (crt.c:300)
1   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00147810 externtex + 0x15c 
2   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00152728 RE_inithalo + 0x48c 
3   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x001358ec make_render_halos + 0x290 
4   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00137264 init_render_mesh + 0x210 
5   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x001397f4 init_render_object + 0x74 
6   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00139eb8 RE_rotateBlenderScene + 
0x36c (crt.c:300)
7   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x001547b8 prepareScene + 0x50 
8   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x0013bd20 oldRenderLoop + 0x234 
9   com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x0013c764 RE_initrender + 0x464 
10  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x0013c960 RE_animrender + 0x18c 
11  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00018fd4 do_render + 0x134 
12  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x000ec044 do_render_panels + 0x17c 
13  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x0006dfec winqreadbutspace + 0x124 
14  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00004e2c scrarea_dispatch_events + 
0x94 (crt.c:300)
15  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00005a88 screen_dispatch_events + 
0xa0 (crt.c:300)
16  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x00006090 screenmain + 0x53c 
17  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x0000342c main + 0x9d4 (crt.c:300)
18  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x000024f8 _start + 0x188 (crt.c:267)
19  com.nantechnologies.blender 	0x0000236c start + 0x30

Side question from an elYsiun.com conversation... would there be any 
value in having the Render or Anim buttons spawn a renderer THREAD? 
Perhaps an option?

Just checking.