[Bf-committers] Blender crash

Mats Holmberg bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 10:48:56 +0200


Here's a message I posted on the blender.org forum some time ago:

-Blender (CVS from today) crashes on my machine when adding an IK solver 
constraint to a bone. More specifically, it crashes when -entering the 
armature name in the "OB:" field and pressing <enter>. Here's the output:
-blender: ../../../../blender/intern/moto/include/MT_Vector3.inl:19: 
MT_Vector3& MT_Vector3::operator/=(double): Assertion 
-`!MT_fuzzyZero(s)' failed.
-Has anyone experienced this? 2.30 pre seems to work fine, as I said 
it's the cvs version I'm having trouble with - has been this way for at 
-least a couple of weeks now. The big question is: could anyone post all 
needed libs, tools etc. for compiling Blender? Or is the 
-"building-blender.html" in blender/doc/ up to date? Or am I 
experiencing a bug here?
-I'm working on an Athlon XP running Linux Mandrake 9.2. Haven't had the 
opportunity to test this on windows yet.

Nothing different yet - 2.31a works ok, but the CVS version always gives 
me the above.