[Bf-committers] Building a constraint

car bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 21:40:50 -0500

Hi all. I was following Theeth's guide on how to build a constraint.
And you know me, I do not know much math. So I need some kind soul to  
provide a little math for the holidays. :D

I was told that what I was trying to create is a " location limit  
constraint " .
And it was described like this.
" What you'd need in this case is something like a location limit  
constraint where you'd set a small bone in the middle of the shoulder  
blades, parent it to the torso and set this constraint with the arm  
length as a limit pointing to both IK solvers. Such a constraint would  
probably be very easy to code. "

And simply put. I was trying to create a rig that any bone that is  
moved will wove the rest of the body as soon as the limb has strecthed  
as far as it will go. So when the hand is pulled it will pull the rest  
of the body in whatever direction.

This could be used for other things, but for the most part is it moves  
the rig with less keyframes for bones.

So Theeth and the others, I have compleated the tutorial one how to  
create the basic placement for the the GUI. But I have no clue what  
further code that I need.