[Bf-committers] Hiearchical Build

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 21:16:38 +0100


I have read through your mail a couple of times to get an understanding
of what you propose. I'm unable to map the ideas to the current source
Currently there's the intern/ directory and the source/ directory. The
stuff that's in intern/ has some specific functionality for different
platforms (think of ghost).
In the source/ directory, the Makefiles allow the QuickTime library to
be linked in the binary. This depends on the platform you're compiling
on and on the options you specify in a configuration file.

We try to keep the differences between platforms as minimum as possible.
But where there's a change, there's a specific Makefile option involved.

But, of course, you're free to write it if you think it's possible. I'm
very interested to see how it can be done in the current tree.

With regards,

On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 22:36, Kiernan Holland wrote:
> In a previous email  I was struggling with the idea of a  method for
> building 
> blender that would work on all platforms and also allow the inheritance 
> of the core build into the individual specific system builds, without the
> hackish 
> modifications that usually come with multiplatform builds. 
> The structure of the build is simple in idea, hard in implementation: