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Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 15:51:20 +0100


I uploaded a monkey demo file to http://download.blender.org/demo/test/

>>   - enable refraction with button "Ray Transp" in Material buttons.
>>   - set "Angular Index" value for amount of refraction.
> Might I suggest an alternative here? We already have a "Refraction"  
> parameter for Blinn shaders. Does this truly DO anything?
> I'd suggest adding a parameter "Index of Refraction (IOR)." If it has  
> a value other than 1.0, that would "enable" Ray Transp and set the  
> Angular Index all at the same time. This way it's a one-step process.  
> How closely to "real" Indices of Refraction does the "Angular Index"  
> come? If they're a close analogy, this method might be simpler?

Ah, I am not well aware of conventions here. Is IOR an acceptable term  
for 3d users?
But, this is another kind of refraction as Blinn denotes. Surface  
shaders (reflection) have a refractive component as well. This is  
'transparancy' refraction.

> Truly outstanding. Is there any chance that someone with more  
> knowledge of materials & such could post a few examples somewhere  
> appropriate that would enable a first-time user of these advanced  
> features to start with something that approximates a "realistic"  
> material? One of the complaints I often hear about Blender is how hard  
> it is to get a "good" render right off the bat. I do understand we're  
> looking for a small download as a goal, but having a few "basic"  
> materials pre-defined that give the user a jumping-off point and  
> demonstrate ALL of these possibilities would be very handy for  
> beginners and experienced users looking to "tweak" alike!

My aim always is to provide demo files for releases... I hope the  
lurking artists here will provide some as well. Also please note that  
this is not finished. It might be well possible the math for fresnel  
and refraction will change, or the way colors are blended together. I  
need a lot of rendering examples to evaluate this further too!

However, my quest is not for realism, but for simplicity & control over  
features. And hopefully still acceptable rendering times... :)


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org