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Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 09:28:37 -0500

On Dec 16, 2003, at 09:12, Ton Roosendaal wrote:

>   Log:
>   Another commit for raytracing, now with glass refraction & fresnel!
>   Changelog:

Holycrap, Ton! You're a coding machine!

>   - enable refraction with button "Ray Transp" in Material buttons.
>   - set "Angular Index" value for amount of refraction.

Might I suggest an alternative here? We already have a "Refraction" 
parameter for Blinn shaders. Does this truly DO anything?

I'd suggest adding a parameter "Index of Refraction (IOR)." If it has a 
value other than 1.0, that would "enable" Ray Transp and set the 
Angular Index all at the same time. This way it's a one-step process. 
How closely to "real" Indices of Refraction does the "Angular Index" 
come? If they're a close analogy, this method might be simpler?

>   - remember to set a higher "Depth" too... glass can bounce quite some
>     more than expected.

Do you have any suggestions on what a good "Depth" value is for 
glass-like materials?

>   - Introduced 'Fresnel' effect for Mirror and Transparency. This
>     influences the amount of mirror/transparency based at viewing 
> angle.
>     Next to a new Fresnel slider, also a 'falloff' button has been 
> added to
>     define the way it spreads.

Truly outstanding. Is there any chance that someone with more knowledge 
of materials & such could post a few examples somewhere appropriate 
that would enable a first-time user of these advanced features to start 
with something that approximates a "realistic" material? One of the 
complaints I often hear about Blender is how hard it is to get a "good" 
render right off the bat. I do understand we're looking for a small 
download as a goal, but having a few "basic" materials pre-defined that 
give the user a jumping-off point and demonstrate ALL of these 
possibilities would be very handy for beginners and experienced users 
looking to "tweak" alike!

Outstanding work, Ton!