[Bf-committers] Scripts

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 15:52:24 -0600

In reply to Willian Padovani Germano (wgermano@ig.com.br):

> Hi,
> As you know we're working to fix things and smooth rough edges that for
> long have troubled bpython script writers and users.  There are some
> things we need to decide and I'd like to start with a few now:
> >From what's been said, the plan is to have at least a few scripts
> bundled with Blender.  For this we need an specific dir for them.
> 1 - Where will we put the scripts?
> It's a good idea to have two places: a default Blender one and a local
> user dir that new installations never mess with.  Since there's the
> Python dir under User Preferences / Paths, that could be each user's
> local dir for scripts.
> The "installation" or default one, then, might be .blender/scripts,
> under the dir where Blender is installed.  There we'd drop all scripts
> that will come with Blender.

I'm ok with a couple of default ones descributed with blender, they should
however be under the same license scheme as the rest of the source.
./blender/scripts works for me.

The other's I think would be good to have as a seperate download.

I started adding python scripts to http://www.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blender/plugins

I think it would be nice to have one location for both the c plugins and
python scripts.  Wether thats on my site or on www.blender.org or somewhere
else is fine with me.  Its just nice if there is one big tar/zip to grab
and your good to go.

I think its worked well with the c plugins, the hardest thing in doing it
was getting the developers to submit new versions when they are updated.   
Once its established as "The place" to download all of the plugins it turns
out to be a non issue.  Until then its going to be messy for the python side
of things.  

Basically what I've been working on with it currently is getting a local copy
of all of the scripts and filling in the blank info.
Next step would be to make sure the ones there work with current version of
blender if not update them.