[Bf-committers] Fwd: Quicktime 'modal menu' error

Robert Wenzlaff bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 7 Dec 2003 10:50:10 -0500

On Sunday 07 December 2003 09:22, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi,
> Well... after a while this came back from Apple about the hanging
> Quicktime Options menu in OSX. I've forwarded it to Maarten who wrote
> the Ghost OSX code, but he's not active available to maintain it. At
> Ghost level we have more issues, like support for dual screens,
> something we really need maintenance for.

It sounds like Blender is never passing any input events to the Quicktime 
window and the "freeze" is really just the window waiting for an event that 
never comes.  It returns noErr whether a handler was found for the event or 

I'm no OSX expert, but my guess is the OS gives a parent first crack at 
messages, and if noErr is returned it assumes the event was handled and 
doesn't pass it to the children.
Robert Wenzlaff   rwenzlaff@soylent-green.com