[Bf-committers] About IK Armatures..

Kiernan Holland bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 3 Dec 2003 10:43:00 -0700

I was noticing a while back when working witht he IK I had made a complex
complete with arms and fingers, something a bit extreme, but not beyond
reason for 
IK systems in general, I've done this test on a decade old package called
from Wavefront. One blender the experience I had, and I can pass you the
blend files, 
was that blender would update the mesh upon animation but not in realtime
while using 
the armature. Thinking back about 2 years when we were having problems with
metaball system, I recall there was code put in to cut-off the update of
the metaballs 
if the update took too long became too great, then I think the same code
was applied to the IK.
 I tried my armature out on 2.28, so unless it got fixed in 2.30 its still
in the code.