[Bf-committers] Cursor proposal and OSX Cursor size

LarstiQ bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 1 Dec 2003 17:06:21 +0100

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 09:37:50AM -0500, Robert Wenzlaff wrote:


> If only I had a mac to test it on...

Do you personally need a mac, or someone who can test things for you?

> > Robert will come with a further proposal to mailing list later.
> ************* Proposal ******************
> To keep it simple for now, we'll keep the small cursor rule at 16x16, and only 
> raise that limit when/if we get OSX working at 32x32.  After that, the 16x16 
> rule gets degraded to a "moderately strict guideline".
> That said, the rest of the proposal is:
> 	1) All cursors will become custom cursors so they match across platforms.
> 	2) Cursors will have a large and small version selectable by a userpref.
> 		This userpref will be disabled on platforms that cannot support large 	
> 		cursors.  The data will consist of a bitmap and transparency mask, as it 	
> 		does now. (My MakeCursor.py is available to paint Cursors. Can this be 
> 		put on Blender.org?).

We have a source/tools directory in cvs (and intern/tools), is that an
ok place? Or perhaps a more visible 'tools' section on the webpages
(along with a python script repository!, www.pygame.org/pcr/repository.php for reference)

> 	3) Cursors will have definable fg and bg colors.
> 	4) Cursors will have definable hot-spots.

Definable per cursor, or a global setting the user can switch? Hmm,
perhaps not that useful.

> 	5) Each cursor will be a member in a global array of structs defined in 
> 		cursors.c
> 	6) Each cursor will have a define in cursor.h that is its index number in 		
> 		the array. 
> 	7) Cursor setting API code will go in cursor.c  And will be implimented with 
> 		the existing GHOST custom cursor calls (modified to handle the size 
> 		change). 	
> 	8)  API will be: 
> 			GetBlenderCursor() - returns defined number of current cursor.
> 			SetBlenderCursor(int i) - sets cursor to the ith cursor.
> 			Defines will be set so all cursors can be refered to by name. 
> 	9) Current cursor API will be phased out, but will remain active during 
> 		changeover so things don't get broken.

Looks good to me.