[Bf-committers] First data extraction from armatures using python (patch)

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
30 Apr 2003 19:59:18 +0200

Hi Jordi,

I've been away for 5 days, and seeing such mails in my inbox makes me
happy :) Unfortunately I had not yet taken a detailed look at what you
have done. On the overall side of things, I must however note that you
have used the old structure for writing the armature module. You've
asked me on which api version the current work is done, and I tried to
explain it. I probably wasn't very clear about it. So here's another

In blender there are 3 implementations of the Python api. In
intern/python and source/blender/bpython, 2 implementations are located.
One is accessed through the -DFUTURE_PYTHON_API. The other one is
accessed by not defining that flag. In the current blender versions
(2.26, 2.27), the one with the flag is used.
Due to the mixing of two implementations in the same directories AND
source files, things have become complex. That is the reason we have
started the 3rd implementation.

In source/blender/python, you'll find the new implementation - started
from scratch. This one will eventually replace the ones in intern/python
and source/blender/bpython.

My personal interest - and priority - goes into the 3rd implementation.
Other than any build problems the other 2 are only used for looking up
things and answering questions like 'how was this done in the past?'. If
the replacement api is working, the other 2 will be removed from the
source tree - at least, that's my opinion.

It shouldn't be hard to convert your implementation to the one that
we're currently working on. For example, take a look at Camera.[ch] or
Object.[ch] will give you an idea of how things will look in the future.
It is ofcourse still under development, and things may change, but the
general idea is there. You'll need to have the cvs source tree for that,
or any of the latest snapshots of the sources.

I hope you're not too disapointed and are willing to convert your code
to the new structure.

With regards,