[Bf-committers] Python Armatures

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
23 Apr 2003 20:01:58 +0200

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 16:15, Jordi Rovira i Bonet wrote:
> The modifications are far from being of any use yet, despite 
> things like the following work:
As I already said on the forum, it's good to see someone's taken up the
task of implementing this.

>     Reading the thread "tackling python" i've been updated about it. Now 
> i understand the experimental coditional compilation flags around the 
> code,  and also, that freezer thing.

>     Two questions follow:
>        - was anyone already working on this?
Nope, not yet. On irc and possibly here on the list, we've been talking
about it. But our current focus is to get the new implementation at the
same level of the 2.2x api. But without the freeze stuff.
When that's (almost) done, we wanted to shift focus to implementing new
modules. We're now at a point where we are somewhat going through the
implementation details - such as experimenting which method of
implementation is the best to access and provide values.

The things we _do_ know about our current implementation is how the API
needs to look; we've got references to sources, blender manuals and the
API description on blender.org.

In my opinion, before starting implementation, the API of a new module
has to be written down because it's something that should not change in
new releases - if that happens, users will not be pleased. So my
suggestion would be to write down your ideas on how the API of the
armature or bones module would be. You should definately have a look at
the api for 2.25 on
http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/225PythonDoc/index.html and
try to mimic the naming convention of functions and variables.
Ofcourse, it never hurts to experiment with implementation to get a
feeling of the code.

>        - should i work on the future Python API instead of the current 
> one, if i go one with armature wrapping?

Work on the future API. Although this is definately not something for
2.27 or maybe 2.28, it is very likely that it will replace the current

I'm currently still working on the Object module and discussing things
with Willian Podavani Germano (IanWill). If that module is getting
stable, I will work on the next module (I haven't decided yet which
one), but along with that, I'll write a guide on how to implement a new
Python module.
Willian has already started work on the Lamp, Camera and Image modules -
plus other good stuff! He's had a look at the way I started things, and
managed to get a feeling of how it should work. This means either that
my (method of) implementation is clear or he's very smart or -quite
possibly- both :)

And, to answer Jacek Poplawski:
> is there any other mailing list for Blender Python discussions?

For now, I'd suggest to keep the discussion on this mailing list. If the
list becomes too busy, we should move to new lists.

With regards,