[Bf-committers] Crash with fileselect window over info window

Matt Ebb bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 20 Apr 2003 22:59:46 +1000

I found a bug today in the fileselect stuff. Opening and using a fileselect
window that replaces another window such as a 3d window or ipo window
usually works fine, but opening it over an info window causes a crash.

Steps to replicate the bug:

1. Start Blender.
2. Change the main 3D window to an info window using the 'Current Window
Type' menu.
3. In the Renderbuttons below, click on the button next to the 'Pics' text
field which will open up a fileselect window on top of the large info
4. Navigate to a directory, select it and press ENTER to confirm.
5. *crash*

This bug appears for me in Blender 2.26, Windows XP SP1, NVidia Geforce2MX,
v41.09 drivers.

I looked through the code (I have a recent tuhopuu CVS snapshot here, but I
presume the file select code hasn't changed much) and the furthest I could
narrow it down to is this section in filesel.c, line 1395:


void filesel_prevspace()
 SpaceFile *sfile;

 sfile= curarea->spacedata.first;

 if(sfile->next) {

  BLI_remlink(&curarea->spacedata, sfile);
  BLI_addtail(&curarea->spacedata, sfile);

  sfile= curarea->spacedata.first;
  newspace(curarea, sfile->spacetype);
 else newspace(curarea, SPACE_INFO);


Just by fiddling using trial and error (because I really didn't have any
clue about what I was doing!), I found that if I commented out the IF
statement and replaced it with just the line: newspace(curarea, SPACE_INFO);
it wouldn't crash when I closed the fileselect window by
selecting/confirming a directory, but of course no matter what window I was
in beforehand, it would go back to the info window.

Anyway, I don't know if that is helpful or not, but I might as well say it
anyway in case it does. I don't know how the code all works etc, but I've
tried to at least give as informative a bug report as I can..