[Bf-committers] cessens blinn shader patch to bf

Nathan Vegdahl bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 17:28:52 -0700 (PDT)

> Please paste the errors you encounter for both build systems, we're not
> deep into mind-reading you know ;-)

   You're not?  Hmm.  Well, that explains quite a few things. ;)

   Actually, I was just wondering if there were any common errors with known
solutions that people get.  In retrospect (a few hours later) I feel really
stupid and presumptuos having asked that.  Sorry about that.

   I'll try to get it to compile myself, first.  Then I'll come crawling back
if I don't succeed (with error messages, of course).

   Aside from that, I have now gotten the "alien problem" completely "fixed".
   If care about what caused the problem, here a summary of it:
   It turned out that there is an arbitrary clipping of specular highlights at
a dot-products (light and surface-normal) less than -0.41... but since I had
replaced the dot-product with a lambert shading function (I thought that
particular dot-product was only for shading), it was always between 0.0 and
1.0.  I have now set it up to do that arbitrary clipping again, but only for
that material model (not for the Blinn or Toon).

   --Nathan Vegdahl (Cessen)

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