[Bf-committers] Autoconf Problem on OS X

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:31:03 -0500

In reply to Douglas Bischoff (bischofftep@mac.com):

I'm not trying to Pick on Doug here if it sounds like it I'm sorry.

> Trying Autoconf on OS X for the first time, ran into two issues:
> 1) I had to use the --prefix=PATH variable to specify an install 
> directory: /usr/local/ is not a good target for OS X as it isn't 
> writeable by most users. (Naturally, only an issue when doing "make 
> install").

/usr/local isn't writable on pretty much every Unix derived platform
by a generic user and shouldn't be.  I'd say its just as reasonable a
place as it is on any other unix system.

> 2) During the build, an error popped up:
> Now, I do have jpeglib.h from a fink install, it's located in 
> /sw/include along with jerror.h and a number of other headers.

Try --with-libjpeg=/sw

Remember autoconf isn't designed to just work on every platform.
Its designed to make it easy to modify the build to fit your platform.
If things aren't working type configure --help for a list of available

Personally I've been using the following on the mac I'm using to compile:
../blender/configure --prefix=/Users/mein/blenderbin \
        --with-ssl=/sw \
        --with-ode=/usr/local \