[Bf-committers] OSX Cocoa gets my vote

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:52:10 +0200


Attempts to "Aquafy" Blender - using the OSX interface system - is  
something I would love hosting a project for. One of our big sponsors,  
Apple, would be delighted to see such attempts!

The complexity to do so is huge I'm afraid, it will mean a sortof  
heart-lung transplantation. It also will probably mean a fork from the  
main tree. Not something to really care about, merging of new features  
might be still manageble.

I don't mind actively supporting such a project. We can devote a  
special meeting to it, IRC or real life - also to bring me up-to-date  
what exactly cocoa and Aqua offer. Then I can provide insight in how  
Blender's interface works and can be replaced... plus assist in  
planning and documenting.

Apple sponsored the Foundation with a Premier Developer program.  
Meaning access to a lot of data, support, and a nice discount for  
buying equipment. When a Aquafying group gets to work seriously, I will  
make sure they can benefit from this program. :)

BTW: Hopefully you don't mean to rewrite all code in Objective C!


On Tuesday, Apr 15, 2003, at 14:27 Europe/Amsterdam, car wrote:

> Turning Blender into Cocoa gets my vote. But that would take a lot of  
> time.
> Has anyone in charge looked for a crew of OSX users to program for  
> it's side?
> I see so much of the OpenGL programs coming from universities instead  
> of
> programers. Just a thought.
>> According to Daniel (who worked on this) the problem can't be resolved
>> unless we remove all that back and front buffer switching code from
>> blender. This solution gets my vote.
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