[Bf-committers] Meeting report, sun april 13

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:02:58 +0200

Sunday april 13
irc.freenode.net, #blendercoders
16-18h CEST (day saving time)

Participants: kattkieru, Hos, Aphex, LarstiQ, sgefant, Green, UnNamed,  
intrr, Phase4, Michel

- status of projects
- release
- bugfest

--> New fonts & interface translation
Discussed was where the translation files should reside. This also  
related to other external blender files (.B.blend and such). Since  
translation files are system-wide (not user related) LarstiQ proposed a  
/usr/share/local/ dir. Others preferred a $HOME/.blender/ directory.  
Typically this issue is a bit platform dependent. Since the meeting  
couldn't agree on it, decision has been moved to the bf-blender admins  
(LarstiQ, Phase, SirDude).
At OSX there is a problem with a multibyte to wide character  
translation. Sgefant mentioned he has no idea to do it. The discussion  
on this topic will be held at this maillist, so anyone who knows,  
please tell.

--> Python
Work still in progress (IanWill) on replacing the code and modules.  
IanWill should get commit rights at the bf-blender tree. Has been done  

--> Render improvements
Cessen will assist in moving the patch from Tuhopuu to bf-blender.  
Discussions about this, and a review, is being taken care of already.
BTW: don't forget to update the changelog with user instructions!

--> Group feature
Intrr has been working on restoring this Blender feature. Most people  
would like to see it working first, to evaluate the usefulness of the  
feature. So for the time being it remains in Tuhopuu.
Two ideas to improve groups:
- hierarchical (nestable) groups
- assigning a Material to a group, which then is assigned to all  

--> Audio playback
Intrr also has added sound to the sequencer and ALT+A animation  
playback, including framedropping to keep the timing correct. He will  
patch it in Tuhopuu, but needs some assistance to do it correctly.
Anyone here?

--> auto* build
Still needs testing. Michel added a patch for the -lm problem.  
Slackware9 seems to work, RedHat9 still gives troubles.

--> release 2.27
Was not discussed. Moved to next meeting

--> Bugfest
The 2nd half of the meeting we systematically went over the bugs as  
reported. A lot of them seemed to be related to OpenGL troubles.

--> Next meeting
Same time again. Most people like the 16h CET schedule. Maybe we just  
switch to evening meetings once a month?



Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org