[Bf-committers] RenderD Info

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:52:40 +0200

Douglas Bischoff wrote:

> I have successfully compiled RenderD on OS X. I don't have (nor do I 
> particularly want for fear of making a mess *grin*) commit rights, but 
> I think this might be useful to someone more knowledgable. 

Nice to see a renderd patch. You're not the first one creating an OSX
renderd, but I don't recall who that was. What I do remember is that he
couldn't test it because the OSX blender wasn't released yet then ;-)

> Here is my edit to the Makefile in renderd: 

The renderd CVS repository is still not online yet. So until that's done
there's no repository to commit it into.

Maybe you'd like to volunteer ? ;-)

> Everything runs fine... but when I fire up renderd in the same 
> directory as the blender executable, I get: 
> Thread 1 Crashed: 
>  #0   0x00019db0 in PR_EnumerateHostEnt (prnetdb.c:1236) 
>  #1   0x00003ac4 in renderd_scan_thread (scan.c:34) 

Hmm. this could be caused by the scanner being quite blunt in searching
for servers (or clients, was this a server or a client ?)

Try disabling the scanner and use the telnet interface to connect the
client to the server (or vice versa ;-)

> My only thought here is that launching ./blender from the command line 
> generates a window that takes no input whatsoever. This window never 
> appears when running ./renderd, so I have to assume that blender never 
> fires up properly.

Ehh, there shouldn't be a window. Blender is used in render-only mode.
Which is most probably broken now. Try 'blender -b' it should end with
'Blender quit' immediately, without generating a window.

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