[Bf-committers] irc meeting sunday march 30

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 02 Apr 2003 10:26:04 -0700

> One thing I'm stuck on is getting access to selected or named vertex 
> groups, to be able to do these kinds of precision assembly operations 
> within meshes. Do you (or anyone) know if that is/might be possible? 

Hmm, the NMVert object in the current
python API is a bit lacking in this regard.
Perhaps a future addition to the API might
provide a list of vertex groups the vert
belongs to (and another list of weights).

My guess is that for your purposes
you would be more interested in complete
faces rather than individual verts, in
which case using materials to discriminate
the faces would be a nearly ideal solution.
The names of the materials are in the
list NMesh.mats and each face has an
integer NMFace.mat that is an index into
this list. This of course supposes
that you aren't doing something useful
with the materials already ...

Failing that, if you really need to classify
verts alone, and you need something that works with
the api in blender 2.23 (and you don't mind
getting really kludgy ) you could maybe try
to classify verts using vertex paint.
Vertex colors are accessible through the faces
in the 3 or 4 member list (tri or quad)
NMFace.col, which means there could
be some redundancy (or in a worse case,
conflicts) as each vert could  potentially
belong to several faces.

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