[Bf-committers] to make or not to make

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 21:18:04 -0600

Sort of a new proposal for cvs01

I was thinking how about we do this in stages.
Start with blender/intern and try to get all of it under automake etc...

Also can we do away with some of these extra dirs?
specifically intern/dir/intern
currently it seems like most of them are setup as
intern/dir/intern/*.c *.h
and then some dirs also have intern/dir/extern/*.c *.h

What I think might be nice is to have intern/dir/*.c
and intern/dir/*.h (unless there are a ton of files)
then maybe make an intern/dir/include 
(Note keeping things like test subdirs and what not)

Also can we remove the intern/dir/make directory
I have no problem with having the project files stuff and or
other stuff in a separate dir but it seems like there is
make/msvc_6_0 in each dir can't we just simplify this to

I started making Makefile.am files but haven't committed anything yet.
In general you want Makefile.am's for each dir you have .c files in so
thats some of the reasoning for the above stuff.