[Bf-committers] to make or not to make

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 16:53:15 +0200

Hi Kent,

Cool, I would propose to follow your recommendation. The Cmake debate is 
too confusing for me, and it seems to add unwanted complexity in this 
stage. Forcing developers to install an extra tool before being ready to 
develop is not too nice... and it creates another dependency too.

I'm renown (infamous!) for my xenofobia in adding external toolkits in 
Blender. Supporting OpenGL and Python already have added a lot of 
troubles... not to speak of the STL (libcio Solid), OpenAL or Fmod. If 
we like Blender to be "cross platform" these dependencies can refine the 
target platforms quite some.

Today, we move to our incredible nice new server machine at the new 
sponsoring provider. This means the limits (space, bandwidth) are 
solved, and we can seriously start building new services at blender.org.
Hans has volunteered to set up CVS there. Meaning:

- a new tree (cvs01) where everyone here can contribute to
- commit mails being sent to this maillist
- webCVS to browse as well (please Hans! :-)

So, for the time being we can do:

- Unix users: commit changes related to autoconfig/make and getting 
blender compiled/running
- Windows users: commit changes related to projectfiles and getting 
blender compiled/running
- Windows users: check the autoconfig/make stuff with Cygwin as well
- Everyone: do regular updates, to check changes with your OS/setup
- Everyone: think of some clear documentation to accompany the new 
'release' with.

CVS commit rules:
- always FIRST do a full update, and test/run Blender with that before 
- clearly document your changes in the commit, mention a clear warning 
when you suspect your changes might break projectfiles or makefiles.

If you don't have a password yet for CVS write, just mail this list. 
Several people already have access, and can add you.

Any suggestions, remarks?


Kent Mein wrote:
> In reply to Hans Lambermont (hans@lambermont.dyndns.org):
> So I'm not just lurking (even though I only joined a short while ago)
> I think The goals are great.  I also think though that no matter
> what you do the developer is going to have to know a little bit
> about the system they are using.  Now the biggest priority as I see it
> is getting a simple to compile out of the box system for everyone.
> Maybe its a little hard for people to add totally new dirs at this point.
> Ok how do we do this?  Use the tried and true method other cross-platform
> apps use.  I'm just naming these off my head as a windows/unix user: 
> Netscape, SDL, tcl/tk, gimp, gtk
> The majority seem to be using autoconfig and something else for the
> windows site.
> My recommendation is try to merge whats been done on the autoconfig and 
> project files front.  Get that nice and pretty.
> Then we can spend some time evaluating various automatic build of project
> files, and or other apps.
> Kent Mein
> P.S. If "we're" still looking for a "Solaris Guru" I have access to
> the following platforms and am willing to do Solaris stuff;
> Various Linux platforms, Windows 2000, SunOS5.8, IRIX6.5
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