[Bf-committers] to make or not to make

Rene Dudfield bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 02:32:48 +0100 (BST)

 --- Kent Mein <mein@cs.umn.edu> wrote: > In reply to
Hans Lambermont
> (hans@lambermont.dyndns.org):
> So I'm not just lurking (even though I only joined a
> short while ago)
> I think The goals are great.  I also think though
> that no matter
> what you do the developer is going to have to know a
> little bit
> about the system they are using.  Now the biggest
> priority as I see it
> is getting a simple to compile out of the box system
> for everyone.
> Maybe its a little hard for people to add totally
> new dirs at this point.

yes.  The sooner a build system is working nicely we
can start working on interesting stuff :)

> Ok how do we do this?  Use the tried and true method
> other cross-platform
> apps use.  I'm just naming these off my head as a
> windows/unix user: 
> Netscape, SDL, tcl/tk, gimp, gtk
> The majority seem to be using autoconfig and
> something else for the
> windows site.

I think autoconf/automake is the way to go I guess. 
There are a few scripts around to make msvc project
files from it's output.  If no one else with msvc
tries to get these working soon, I'll buy a copy of
msvc and give it a go.

The other unresolved issue is seperate directories per
platform for object files/dependencies etc during the
compilation.  Can this be done with autoconf/automake?

> My recommendation is try to merge whats been done on
> the autoconfig and 
> project files front.  Get that nice and pretty.
> Then we can spend some time evaluating various
> automatic build of project
> files, and or other apps.

This could be done in a seperate branch of the cvs. 
Or we could start a seperate cvs up(sourceforge?)
until it is merged in with the main one.

I've just been working on a copy of the -ph autoconfed

The problem with starting a new sourceforge project is
that it can take more than a week.  I have a spare
unused project set up there that could be used though.

Then we can go ahead making changes together easily
until something nice is ready to evaluate, and moved
into the main cvs tree.  Instead of everyone having
their own separate trees, and duplicating lots of
work.  Making a seperate branch in the main cvs would
also work for this.

I propose that we use the -ph autoconfed source as a
starting point in a new temporary cvs(or a branch in
the main cvs).  Niceify it then if people like it move
it into the main cvs.

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