[Bf-committers] Re: My CMake comments

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 08:22:27 -0600

>>Please don't use CMake!
> hehe :) and we're back to square 1.

I would like to apologize for that remark
-- as one who has yet to contribute to
the open source blender project I probably
should try to keep my remarks to a minimum
until I actually start contributing.

I should also note that my experiences with
CMake are as an end user only, not as a developer.
I assume that it has nice functionality for
developers. My experience with vtk (on Linux,
Irix, and OSX) is that the end user has to modify
a lot of CMakeCache.txt files to get the thing to
build because the tool isn't very smart about finding
what's installed on the box -- in fact to get a
full install of CMake (including the ncurses based
ccmake tool) one has to "make" CMake, then run CMake
on itself, then edit CMakeCache.txt because it's too
dumb to find the ncurses libs, then "make;make install;"
Another bad thing is that the success of a vtk build
seemed greatly dependent on what version of CMake
was being used (usually if you were using anything
older than fresh CVS sources you were out of luck).

vtk used to be based on autoconf tools and as an end user
I found it way easier to build that way (at least on
UNIX based systems).

Anyways, this is a short summary of my expereinces with
CMake and vtk as an end user, so take them with a grain
of salt -- and sorry again for my knee-jerk reaction
when I read the word "CMake". ;) Certainly you shouldn't
rule it out because "that Hos guy says it sucks", but I
would highly recommend you try building an existing
CMake project like vtk on a few platforms as part of an
assessment of the package (who knows -- maybe *I* am the
cause of my build problems with CMake).


Chris Want (Hos)