[Bf-committers] c/t/Make & MSVC & distutils & automake/autoconf

Ryan C. Stallings (beergeek) bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 23:27:41 -0400

On Wednesday 23 October 2002 08:58 pm, Rene Dudfield wrote:
>>  Did anybody try the ones I sent out earlier?
> Where are they?  I didn't see a link posted.
I sent it as an attachment to the list last time, but I am not sure how well 
that works on a mailing list.  I'll send it as a link this time. :)

It just compiles the intern directory.  I have tested this small test case on 
OS X, Windows (under MSVC), FreeBSD, Solaris (GL headers were not installed 
on the machine I built on), and Linux, and it seems to do ok.  

> The auto tools could be good if windows users don't
> mind building using gnu make and friends with
> msvc/borland/etc.. compilers/linkers.
> From other projects I've noticed that having people
> need to get all these weirdro unix tools to build on
> windows/msvc puts them off.  So maybe generating
> project files is better(than building with gnu make).
I think you are right here.  Especially since ./configure under Windows 9x 
takes about 3x the time it does on the same machine under Linux.   We need a 
way to create MSVC project files.

> Having the non-source make/project files updated in
> cvs every time a change is made to the source make
> system would be good. eg generate msvc project files,
> gnu make files etc.
I envision us having a system that makes a "nightly" distribution 1 for each 
platform we support.  This distribution will contain precompiled binaries and 
pre-cmaked(or whatever build system we choose) Makefiles/ProjectFiles 
/Whatever for each platform.  That way the "casual" developer/bug fixer will 
just download a nightly and submit a patch against that  without having to 
mess with cmake etc.  If someone wants to get more serious about developing 
they can download the CVS version use cmake to generate the build files for 
their platform themselves.  

> Providing one archive of all libraries/tools required
> to build makes life easier for them.  eg compiled
> version of libpng/libjpeg etc.  Have links to other
> libraries which you are not allowed to distribute, or
> scripts to download the files the way debian does.
There are problems with cross platform automation.  I don't know of any 
scripting language that works across the board out of the box. 


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