[Bf-committers] autoconf?

Laurence Bourn bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 10:20:06 +0200

Hello everyone,
> Hi,
> It is nice to see that the build structure we used at NaN is 
> coming back again. 
> I think the solution with Makefiles and M$VC project files 
> was a bit cumbersome 
> at times but the best of both worlds. Also, it worked for us 
> at NaN for over a 
> year. Some projects even have project files for other 
> development environments, 
> like Apple's Project Builder.
It would be very nice to have project files for this project. Say what
you like but MSVC is an excellent development environment. The biggest
problem at NaN was with synchronization of Makefiles and projectfiles. 
This will become a bigger problem here mainly because not everyone has
access to a windows box with MSVC or a linux type box. 

There are 2 solutions for now . Either keep them seperate and it's up
to MSVCers to maintain the projectfile structure, and unix bods to manage
the makefile structure. This in general will probably lead to massive
of frustration. 

I dont think it's a solution to bypass MSVC in favour of cygwin. Although I
don't know if its the best compiler around anymore for windows? However it
be acceptable to keep the project structure seperate from the build
structure under 
MSVC. In this way it might be possible to use the makefile or template to
the windows build structure. MSVCers should be responsible for maintaining
project structure. 

For now Id suggest just getting the thing compiling happily under all
platforms. Although
we should try and maintain the old build structure whilst doing this. At the
same time we
should investigate how to get the makefiles or templates working under MSVC.
Someone must
have done this before right?

> > > Right now I am concentrating my efforts on organizing the 
> VC++ project
> > > file settings correctly.
> > 

I have the intern libraries (save python) building nicely under MSVC if you
are interested. 
If you would like this then please lobby the gods on my behalf for CVS write