[Bf-committers] autoconf?

Maarten Gribnau bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 09:45:05 +0200


It is nice to see that the build structure we used at NaN is coming back again. 
I think the solution with Makefiles and M$VC project files was a bit cumbersome 
at times but the best of both worlds. Also, it worked for us at NaN for over a 
year. Some projects even have project files for other development environments, 
like Apple's Project Builder.

I too think the lib tree should come back in CVS. I managed to build Blender 
(Publisher, Creator and Player) on Mac OSX yesterday with external libraries 
installed using fink. Thus, no NaN modifications to GPL libraries so we should 
be safe right? The only thing I have to change is Python. So, in my opinion we 
should bring back the lib tree, add the compiled intern libs there to start 
with. Then, the unmodified external libs that are safe to add. This safes other 
developers a day to start programming. Then solve the license issues for the 


> Bradley Berthold wrote:
> > I'm not very intimately familiar with autoconf. I did some searches on
> > the net today to see what it really does. Looks like it's just a
> > script that generates makefiles from a template.
> Basically yes. I'm not conviced yet that we should even go this way
> (already), but I won't try to block it either.
> > Anyway, I *personally* dont like the idea of having WIndows users
> > being forced to use Cygwin in any fasion. It's a Humongous download.
> > It would be very very good to have VC projects also.
> Exactly, without visual project files we'll lose 'doze developers
> quickly.
> > Right now I don't know of a good way to coagulate these two together
> > (other than the makefile.vc), without having someone edit VC projects
> > as well, for example, if a completely new item is added.  This would
> > require more research on my part yet, perhaps someone else here maybe
> > knows of a method already as well? I will continue searching.
> I know some teams generate the project files, like automake generates
> makefiles, but I don't know how (and even if we want that).
> > Right now I am concentrating my efforts on organizing the VC++ project
> > file settings correctly.
> Various people already put a lot of work in there, i'm surprised it
> needs changes.
> > For windows it may be good to allow the developer not to have to
> > download all the 3rd party libraries required. Hence I would like to
> > put in a folder which contains pre-build versions for windows, with
> > headers too ( openssl, fmod, libjpeg, zlib, etc).
> Oh yes, we have that from NaN, it's the lib/ folder, nicely populated
> with extern(al) and intern(al) modules. I didn't put it in CVS yet
> because of the various different licenses that required more study
> before we could put them up. Any volunteers ?
> > Also, for some libraries perhaps their licensing would not support
> > this action - like fmod for example.
> Exactly. That's the reason lib/ itself was not released (yet).
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