[Bf-committers] autoconf?

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 00:26:50 +0200

Bradley Berthold wrote:

> I'm not very intimately familiar with autoconf. I did some searches on
> the net today to see what it really does. Looks like it's just a
> script that generates makefiles from a template.

Basically yes. I'm not conviced yet that we should even go this way
(already), but I won't try to block it either.

> Anyway, I *personally* dont like the idea of having WIndows users
> being forced to use Cygwin in any fasion. It's a Humongous download.
> It would be very very good to have VC projects also.

Exactly, without visual project files we'll lose 'doze developers

> Right now I don't know of a good way to coagulate these two together
> (other than the makefile.vc), without having someone edit VC projects
> as well, for example, if a completely new item is added.  This would
> require more research on my part yet, perhaps someone else here maybe
> knows of a method already as well? I will continue searching.

I know some teams generate the project files, like automake generates
makefiles, but I don't know how (and even if we want that).

> Right now I am concentrating my efforts on organizing the VC++ project
> file settings correctly.

Various people already put a lot of work in there, i'm surprised it
needs changes.

> For windows it may be good to allow the developer not to have to
> download all the 3rd party libraries required. Hence I would like to
> put in a folder which contains pre-build versions for windows, with
> headers too ( openssl, fmod, libjpeg, zlib, etc).

Oh yes, we have that from NaN, it's the lib/ folder, nicely populated
with extern(al) and intern(al) modules. I didn't put it in CVS yet
because of the various different licenses that required more study
before we could put them up. Any volunteers ?

> Also, for some libraries perhaps their licensing would not support
> this action - like fmod for example.

Exactly. That's the reason lib/ itself was not released (yet).