[Bf-committers] Linking and Python stuff

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
30 Nov 2002 16:22:28 +0100


Currently there is a lot of activity going on in the python/freeze part.
The updates look very promising, but there seems to be missing one file
in the cvs repository: makefreeze_ac.py
I will stay away from this python/freeze part (from now on) because I
think when 3 persons are working at the same time on the same part there
are going to be conficts (in CVS that is :) ).
ok, I resolved this problem by just doing a 'touch makefreeze_ac.py' and
this part compiles. This enabled me to focus on another part.

To link the libblender_intern.la, I had to remove 4 lines in the
configure.ac file. These lines were about LDFLAGS (around line 183-186).
These lines reset the LDFLAGS variable to some old value, but on my
system, the old value is empty. The new value is correct--> it is
defined as LDFLAGS=/usr/X11R6/lib. That's the location of libGLU.

Is it alright if I comment out those 4 lines or will that give a problem
on another system?