[Bf-committers] Status report

Maarten Gribnau bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:23:02 +0100

Quoting Kent Mein <mein@cs.umn.edu>:

> Maarten, did you install the mxtexttools into your python install?
> (I'm guessing that might be your problem with the frozen bit)
Yes I did and the text processing is fine. The VRML2 is imported and counted and
stuff but when it gets to create the Blender objects, I get attribute errors. I
assume that is because there is no connection with the Blender module. 

BTW I wondered why the Blender module in intern/frozen/modules is necessary.
Doesn't Blender export all that stuff from it's C binding?
> I agree with the taking out ode once the autoconf stuff is working we could
> also do a --with-ode=prefix (and do something similar in the old Makefiles)

> I'm not to keen on providing the external libs in cvs, but I can live with it
> :)
> My personal preference would be to just write great documentation that
> describes the process for creating the external libs.
I agree that binary libs in CVS is not nice but when working with about 10
developers at NaN, we found that it is actually very helpful. You shield the
work on the internal libraries from the rest of the developers. They don't need
to recompile every time there is a change in the intern libs. When the work
there is stable and tested on multiple platforms (and only then), you commit it
into the lib repository for other developers to use. It is common practice
except that most major projects work with dynamic instead of static libs.