[Bf-committers] Status report

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 03:58:35 -0600

In reply to Maarten Gribnau (mail@maartengribnau.com):

Just an update on the Solaris stuff,
It builds farely easy with the old makefiles.

Maarten, did you install the mxtexttools into your python install?
(I'm guessing that might be your problem with the frozen bit)

I agree with the taking out ode once the autoconf stuff is working we could
also do a --with-ode=prefix (and do something similar in the old Makefiles)

I'm not to keen on providing the external libs in cvs, but I can live with it :)
My personal preference would be to just write great documentation that
describes the process for creating the external libs.