[Bf-committers] Project space organisation

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 10 Nov 2002 17:16:20 +0100

Hi All,

There's a group of 8 volunteers working at the realisation of 
SourceForge project space at blender.org.
I just want to copy you on the first briefing I gave.

As a starting point, I assume people have read the old notes about
And the todo list and roadmap:

------- Project space ------------

An organisation diagram of the sites and projects can be found here:

The square blocks can remain html/php sites, as they are now or will be 
further developed in the future. The rounded blocks are 'SourceForge' 
projects, each with a list of features sich as forums, maillists, cvs. 
Each project has a group of 'Admins' and 'Members', with roles that can 
be detailed worked out later.

There will be one official Blender Foundation Release project, 
subdivided in several sub projects. This is the only source tree that 
will strictly follow the Dual License.
Other projects will be hosted at blender.org as well, I've split that in 
two catagories for now. I also assume some of them will be GNU GPL only.

This diagram doesn't have to be incorporated in 'software', but reflects 
a decision tree. The diagram also reflects how information (articles) 
can bubble to the top level blender.org site.
At blender.org level, the Foundation decides which main projects will be 
started. A group of site Moderators can manage articles and forums here.
Within the projects, the Admins can further organize it in sub-projects.

Blender is a huge and complex project to maintain en further develop. I 
can't predict yet the complexity of the top level 'Foundation Release' 
project. It is well possible several boards will be established there, 
for documentation, architecture, coding standards, functionality, 
roadmaps, etc. To allow a quick start, I think the proposed diagram, 
with a single group of administrators per project, can work. Target is 
to get an actual release out!

I like to have some general feedback on this.


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