[Bf-committers] Manic MSVC blender compile session

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 07 Nov 2002 14:10:07 +0100


> So what to do...
> a) Stop trying to add functionality at this stage (physics) 

Yep, no new functionality now, but I want to allow one exception: ODE. 
Commits in this part of Blender should be aimed at getting Blender not 
crashing, and preferably running (some) of the old demos again. This 
work should not in any way frustrate the other processes that go on 
here. If in doubt, then just wait with committing a while. From Norman 
I've learnt that ODE is so much incompatible with the current physics 
system that we've got a huge problem anyway. The scope of that project 
can be defined (and also worked on) later.

> b) sort out and define the directory structure

Nobody proposed a change here, so we can stick with the current 
Laurence: you mentioned that intern contains 'dead dirs' and 'obsolete 
code'. If you feel comfortable with it, just remove that and mention in 
your commit what you did, so that the makefile gurus can fix it as well.
No intern/attic is needed, I prefer a clean release. With CVS you can 
retrieve old code anyway.

> c) detail how to get external libraries for all plats.

Anyone now can commit compiled libraries and the includes in lib/
Please check if nanguess provided the correct naming for your OS/version.

 > Please can we move all the physics stuff into a seperate library
 > (preferably intern) and make the library properly wrap the individual
 > implementations. This library should not expose anything of the
 > individual implementations outside the library.

Great proposal. We can do it now if someone here thinks he can do this 
within a week. Otherwise it will be a separate project, part of the 
physics/ODE integration and part of a future sound team. Anyone?

> d) Sort out the fsking Makefiles and project files.

Yes. Commit! Where are the windows users here?

> e) Get a cross platform build tool working.

My decision was to adopt the NaN approach, of having the Makeile and 
MSVC users working together in keeping their build systems working.
It's not perfect, but none of the proposals seem feasible now, and might 
have an impact on the future without being able to grasp the consequences.

> The project has rotted considerably (as to be expected) since NaN and I
> think a little discipline now would be a good thing. Sart cracking the whip
> Ton :-)


Read my mail from november 1 again "to make or not to make". For your 

- Unix users: commit changes related to autoconfig/make and getting 
blender compiled/running at your OS
- Windows users: commit changes related to projectfiles and getting 
blender compiled/running
- Windows users: check the autoconfig/make stuff with Cygwin as well
- Everyone: do regular updates, to check changes with your OS/setup
- Everyone: think of some clear documentation to accompany the new 
'release' with.

- no cmake (now)
- no aegis (now)
- only commit work related to the above.
- getting ODE working is (can be) part of the first target as well
- no code cleanups (now)

And if that's still not clear; yes, we'll use autoconf.


Happy blending!


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