[Bf-committers] ODE changes

Maarten Gribnau bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 3 Nov 2002 20:56:22 +0100


Is there an ODE expert on the list?

I remember reading on the list that we copied the ODE tree into blender 
and should not make changes to it. I encountered a problem on OSX (10.2 
Jaguar)  and had to fix it by editing the makefile.osx file. I tried 
the fresh sources from the ODE site and found the same problem.

Now I have three questions, please comment:
1. Why not move ODE out of the source tree?
2. Why can't we make changes to the ODE tree to get it to run? I know 
there should not be two source trees but if ODE does not work for us, 
why not make it work and possibly post updates to the author once in a 
3. How active is development on ODE? The 0.03 version I used seems to 
be the most recent and is dated 25 December 2001.

Greetz, Maarten