[Bf-committers] last update I hope to intern/bsp

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 14:36:21 +0100

Hi Kent,

I've asked the programmer of this code to join this mailing list as 
well. He's very interested in maintaining and improving that code.

In the maillist logs, I could only find a remark from you "so that my 
compiler doesn't complain". That's quite vague. :-)

Blender will be compiled with quite a lot different compilers and 
compiler versions. It will be interesting to find out which compiler 
standard we are going to accept as "shouldn't complain".

So, for a commit like this, you could mention:

- compiler version(s)
- OS type(s), version(s)
- the complaint itself
- why you think the commit will improve for other compilers as well, 
and/or a request to others to check on this or test it.

But thanks for the enthousiasm, the others on this list are chickens! ;-)


Kent Mein wrote:
> CVS: Modified Files:
> CVS:    intern/BSP_CSGMesh_CFIterator.h intern/BSP_CSGUserData.cpp
> CVS:    intern/BSP_Triangulate.cpp
> CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Again I had to modify things like  mesh->FaceSet().begin();
> to &mesh->FaceSet()[0];
> Kent

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