[Bf-committers] To make or not to make

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 11:32:39 +0100

Hi all,

I found out my previous messages accidentally went to 
bf-committers-admin! I was wondering already why nobody reacted to my 
rants. :-)


I would like to round up discussions as they were held here the past 
week. The current activity can be refined to the following:

(from Roadmap, posted at blender.org)

The target is to provide a release:

- which simply compiles out of the box, for artist/coders as well.
- which allows all current platforms to do development at: Windows, 
Linux, BSD, Solaris, Irix, OSX
- which allows migration to more platforms too (Beos, ...)
- which allows Windows developers to use MSVC project files
- which can be achieved quickly (think weeks, not months)

And as mentioned a previous mail by me:

So, for the time being we can do:

- Unix users: commit changes related to autoconfig/make and getting 
blender compiled/running at your OS
- Windows users: commit changes related to projectfiles and getting 
blender compiled/running
- Windows users: check the autoconfig/make stuff with Cygwin as well
- Everyone: do regular updates, to check changes with your OS/setup
- Everyone: think of some clear documentation to accompany the new 
'release' with.

CVS commit rules:
- always FIRST do a full update, and test/run Blender with that before 
- check a commit with cvs diff first, to review what you did
- clearly document your changes in the commit, mention a clear warning 
when you suspect your changes might break projectfiles or makefiles.
- Mention your NAME!


This is just a temporal situation, a much more efficient system should 
be in place for real work at the code. For that I will need your help 
and feedback as well.
Within the shortest time possible, I want a team of moderators taking 
responsibility and facilitating others in Blender development. Until 
that time it's just me who's making the decisions. ;-)

- no cmake (now)
- no aegis (now)
- only commit work related to the above.
- getting ODE working is part of the first target as well
- no code cleanups (now)

When we've got the first target ready, we can discuss the next essential 
steps, which could involve:
- serious structure cleanups (directory organisation)
- translation of Dutch comments (I'm working on that with a volunteer)
- essential code cleanups (reviewing the code guidelines?)
- the hotlist for a 2.26 release.
- and most important: how to put an efficient Blender development in 
place. At that time CVS/AEGIS/Cmake discussions can come back.

I'm already talking to two experienced volunteers who will help 
incorporating sourceforge like projects in blender.org. The new server 
is up, so we can go!

I hope Hans can still fix the commit mail problem, and put web-cvs in 
place. Timothy will restore the bug/feature tracker.
At that time we can also provide read-access to cvs01 for everyone.

We have to move on, but one little step at a time! And please don't 
hesitate to do commits, don't be afraid of errors. This is the only way 
we will learn to know each other and what the best way to cooperate is.



Ton Roosendaal | ton@blender3d.com | Blender Foundation
Amsterdam | The Netherlands |  http://www.blender3d.com

Ton Roosendaal | ton@blender3d.com | Blender Foundation
Amsterdam | The Netherlands |  http://www.blender3d.com