[Bf-blender-cvs] [a46ced50764] blender2.8: Fix missing collection instance motion blur settings.

Brecht Van Lommel noreply at git.blender.org
Mon Jun 4 13:44:34 CEST 2018

Commit: a46ced50764109be7df9a25476eb8a5875cc2d01
Author: Brecht Van Lommel
Date:   Mon Jun 4 13:20:15 2018 +0200
Branches: blender2.8

Fix missing collection instance motion blur settings.


M	intern/cycles/blender/addon/ui.py


diff --git a/intern/cycles/blender/addon/ui.py b/intern/cycles/blender/addon/ui.py
index bd2d5437f8f..13d070be135 100644
--- a/intern/cycles/blender/addon/ui.py
+++ b/intern/cycles/blender/addon/ui.py
@@ -759,7 +759,7 @@ class CYCLES_OBJECT_PT_motion_blur(CyclesButtonsPanel, Panel):
         if CyclesButtonsPanel.poll(context) and ob:
             if ob.type in {'MESH', 'CURVE', 'CURVE', 'SURFACE', 'FONT', 'META', 'CAMERA'}:
                 return True
-            if ob.dupli_type == 'GROUP' and ob.dupli_group:
+            if ob.dupli_type == 'COLLECTION' and ob.dupli_group:
                 return True
             # TODO(sergey): More duplicator types here?
         return False
@@ -804,7 +804,7 @@ class CYCLES_OBJECT_PT_cycles_settings(CyclesButtonsPanel, Panel):
         ob = context.object
         return (CyclesButtonsPanel.poll(context) and
                 ob and ((ob.type in {'MESH', 'CURVE', 'SURFACE', 'FONT', 'META', 'LAMP'}) or
-                        (ob.dupli_type == 'GROUP' and ob.dupli_group)))
+                        (ob.dupli_type == 'COLLECTION' and ob.dupli_group)))
     def draw(self, context):
         layout = self.layout

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