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Juergen Herrmann shadowrom at me.com
Thu Jun 27 20:07:23 CEST 2013

Revision: 57831
Author:   shadowrom
Date:     2013-06-27 18:07:23 +0000 (Thu, 27 Jun 2013)
Log Message:
VS 2012 x86 libs maintenance:

 - added OpenImageIO build docs and script
 - updated libraries for debug and release

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Added: trunk/lib/windows_vc11/openimageio/CHANGES
--- trunk/lib/windows_vc11/openimageio/CHANGES	                        (rev 0)
+++ trunk/lib/windows_vc11/openimageio/CHANGES	2013-06-27 18:07:23 UTC (rev 57831)
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+Release 1.1.11 (29 May 2013)
+* IFF input: bug in endian swap of 16 bit IFF files.
+* oiiotool: fix a minor bug where tiled files were output inappropriately.
+  (Had been patched in master some time ago.)
+* fmath.h additions: safe_inversesqrt, safe_log, safe_log2, safe_log10,
+  safe_logb.  These are versions that clamp their inputs so that they
+  can't throw exceptions or return Inf or NaN.
+* Fix to not incorrectly print ImageCache stats for certain broken files.
+Release 1.1.10 (13 Apr 2013)
+* IBA::fillholes() and oiiotool --fillholes can smoothly fill in alpha
+  holes with nearby colors. Great for extrapolating the empty areas of
+  texture atlas images so that filtered texture lookups pull in a plausible
+  color at part edges.
+* IBA::clamp and oiiotool --clamp clamp pixel values to a scalar or
+  per-channel min and/or max, or clamp alpha to [0,1].
+* IBA::rangecompress()/rangeexpand(), and oiiotool --rangecompress /
+  --rangeexpand compress the excess >1 values of HDR images to a log
+  scale (leaving the <= 1 part linear), and re-expand to the usual
+  linear scale.  This is very helpful to reduce ringing artifacts that
+  can happen when an HDR image is resized with a good filter with negative
+  lobes (such as lanczos3), by doing a range compression, then the resize,
+  then range expansion. It's not mathematically correct and loses energy,
+  but it often makes a much more pleasing result.
+* maketx --hicomp does highlight compression -- automatically doing a
+  range compress before each high-quality resize step, and then a
+  range expansion and clamp-to-zero (squash negative pixels) after 
+  each resize.
+* DPX - when writing DPX files, properly set the pixel aspect ratio.
+Release 1.1.9 (2 Apr 2013)
+* IBA::resize and oiiotool --resize/--fit: Bug fixes to resize filter
+  size selection fix artifacts wherein extreme zooms could end up with
+  black stripes in places where the filters fell entirely between samples.
+* oiiotool --fit: fix subtle bugs with aspect ratio preservation for
+  images with differing data and display windows; and allow "filter=..."
+  to override the default filter used for fit.
+* Resize improvement: fix potential artifacts at the image edges resulting
+  from odd clamping behavior.
+* Even more frame range wildcard flexibility with oiiotool --frames and
+  --framepadding options.
+* oiiotool --resize and --fit (and the underlying IBA::resize()) have been
+  sped up significantly and are now also multithreaded.
+Release 1.1.8 (15 Mar 2013)
+* oiiotool --chappend (and ImageBufAlgo::channel_append() underneath) allow
+  you to take two files and concatenate their color channels.
+* oiiotool --chnames allows you to rename some or all of a file's color
+  channels.
+* oiiotool can loop over entire frame ranges by specifying wildcard
+  filenames such as "foo.#.tif" or "bar.1-10#.exr".
+* Cmake: OVERRIDE_SHARED_LIBRARY_SUFFIX allows the shared library suffix
+  to be overridden (e.g., if you need to force .so names on OSX rather 
+  than the usual default of .dylib).
+Release 1.1.7 (21 Feb 2013)
+* Back out dangerous change to thread.h that was in 1.1.6, which could
+  cause performance problems.
+* Compile fix for WIN32 in strutil.cpp
+* Compile fix for Windows XP - add implementation of InterlockedExchangeAdd64
+Release 1.1.6 (11 Feb 2013)
+* Fix bug that could generate NaNs or other bad values near the poles of
+  very blurry environment lookups specifically from OpenEXR latlong env maps.
+* Fix bug in oiiotool --crop where it could mis-parse the geometric parameter.
+* Fix bug in ImageCache::invalidate() where it did not properly delete the
+  fingerprint of an invalidated file.
+* Cleanup and fixes in the oiiotool command line help messages.
+* New function ImageBufAlgo::paste() copies a region from one IB to another.
+* oiiotool --fit resizes an image to fit into a given resolution (keeping the
+  original aspect ratio and padding with black if needed).
+* ImageBufAlgo::channels() and "oiiotool --ch" have been extended to allow
+  new channels (specified to be filled with numeric constants) to also be
+  named.
+* New function ImageBufAlgo::mul() and "oiiotool --cmul" let you multiply
+  an image by a scalar constant (or per-channel constant).
+* Important maketx bug fix: when creating latlong environment maps as 
+  OpenEXR files, it was adding energy near the poles, making low-res
+  MIP levels too bright near the poles.
+* Fix to "oiiotool --text" and "oiiotool --fill" -- both were
+  incorrectly making the base image black rather than drawing overtop of
+  the previous image.
+* Fix FreeBSD compile when not using TBB.
+* New oiiotool --swap exchanges the top two items on the image stack.
+Release 1.1.5 (29 Jan 2013)
+* Bug fix in ImageBufAlgo::parallel_image utility template -- care when
+  not enough work chunks to dole out to all the threads (was previously
+  sending work to threads with nonsensical ROI's, now we just stop when
+  all the regions have been doled out).
+* Additional optional argument to IBA::zover that, when nonzero, will
+  treat z=0 pixels as infinitely far away, not super close.  You can turn
+  this on from oiiotool with:  oiiotool --zover:zeroisinf=1 ...
+Release 1.1.4 (27 Jan 2013)
+* ImageBufAlgo::make_texture() allows you to do the same thing that
+  maketx does, but from inside an application and without launching a
+  shell invocation of maketx.
+* oiiotool now recognizes --metamatch and --nometamatch arguments which
+  cause metadata names matching (or only info NOT matching) the given
+  regular expression to be printed with --info.
+* oiiotool --zover does z (depth) composites (it's like a regular "over",
+  but uses the z depth at each pixel to determine which of the two images
+  is the foreground and which is the background).
+* ImageBufAlgo::zover() performs z compositing (same as oiiotool --zover).
+* ImageBufAlgo::fixNonFinite didn't work properly with 'half' image buffers.
+* Performance improvements when reading and writing images.
+* Fix error when writing tiled 'float' TIFF images, corrupted output.
+  (Could easily happen when using 'maketx' to convert float images into
+  TIFF textures.)
+* Eliminate warnings when compiling with Clang 3.2.
+* New CMake variable "USE_EXTERNAL_TBB" can optionally be set to force use
+  of an external TBB library rather than the embedded one.
+* Additional testsuite tests (doesn't affect users, but makes bugs easier
+  to catch).
+* Fix build problem with SHA1.cpp on some platforms.
+Release 1.1.3 (9 Jan 2013)
+* Build fix: incorrectly named OpenEXR 2.x files.
+* Bug fix in oiiotool --croptofull on OSX
+* Build fixes for MinGW on Windows.
+* maketx --fullpixels option ignores any origin or display window in the
+  source image, pretending the pixel data is the entire 0-1 image range
+  starting at the origin (useful when the source image is created by an
+  application that incorrectly writes it out as if it were a crop window).
+* maketx no longer will clobber existing ImageDescription metadata
+  when it adds SHA-1 hash or other info as it creates the texture.
+* Many additional Exif and IPTC tags are correctly recognized.
+* maketx and oiiotool recognize and take advantage of IPTC:ImageHistory
+  metadata.
+Release 1.1.2 (5 Dec 2012)
+* maketx fixes -- was botching creation of textures from source images that
+  were crop windows (pixel window smaller than display window).
+* Minor bug fix to Timer when repeatedly starting and restopping (Apple only).
+* Bug fix in ustring:find_last_not_of.
+Release 1.1.1 (16 Nov 2012)
+* Altered the ImageInput::read_scanlines, read_tiles, read_native_scanlines,
+  read_native_tiles, read_native_deep_scanlines, read_native_deep_tiles,
+  and the channel-subset version of ImageSpec::pixel_bytes, so that
+  instead of specifying channel subsets as (firstchan, nchans), they are
+  specified as [chbegin, chend), to match how spatial extents are done,
+  as well as how channel ranges already were specified in ROI and
+  ImageBuf.  We hate changing API meanings, but we really think this is
+  better and more consistent.  Note that the two common uses of channel
+  subsets were firstchan=0,nchans=nchannels (select all channels) and
+  firstchan=foo,nchans=1, and we have rigged it so that [chbegin,chend)
+  returns the same channels in both of these cases (in the latter case,
+  because we retrieve a minimum of 1 channel), so we believe this is
+  unlikely to break working code in the vast majority of cases.
+* OpenEXR: support reading and writing V2f attributes.
+* OIIO::getattribute("extension_list") returns a list of all formats
+  supported, and all extensions for each format, in the form:
+  "formatA:ext1,ext2,ext3;formatB:ext4,ext5;..."
+* The new ImageCache per-file stats that list numbers of tiles read per
+  MIPmap level have been reformatted slightly, and now print only for
+  files that are actually MIP-mapped.
+* New ImageCache::get_pixels() variety that can retrieve a subset of
+  channels.
+* Substantial speedup of ImageCache::get_pixels, used to be about 50%
+  more expensive to call IC::get_pixels compared to a direct call to
+  ImageInput::read_image; now is only about 15% more expensive to use
+  the cache.
+Release 1.1 (9 Nov 2012)
+Major new features and improvements:
+* Support for reading and writing "deep" images (including OpenEXR 2.0).
+* Big ImageCache/TextureSystem improvements:
+  - Improved accuracy of anisotropic texture filtering, especially when
+    combined with "blur."
+  - Improve performance in cases with high numbers of threads using the
+    TS simultaneously (mostly due to use of reader-writer locks on the
+    tile cache rather than unique locks).

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