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Hey, you’re so fast Joshua! :)

Continuos Drawing:
I like the idea of E and D key to switch modes. I usually don’t use the pen eraser (the back of the pen to erase), I found much faster hold some key to switch modes but maybe someone else works that way and it could be a plus for them.

About https://developer.blender.org/T43867 . The easy way is to allow check and uncheck the “Continuos Drawing” checkbox with your pen and maybe even allow to change draw modes “DRAW”, “ERASE”, “LINE”, “POLY” also, Right now is not possible to change nothing without exit first what you are doing. But I don’t know if this is technically possible or maybe have some other issues.

F Key
Thanks to check possibilities to use F key while erasing! I think that maybe this could be use also to tweak the stroke thickness when you are drawing.

Let me know if you need something else

PS. If you're thinking to work a lot on Grease Pencil (and I'd love it!) you definitely should go for that tablet! Ask Ton ;)

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Hi Matias,

Some quick replies below :)

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 2:53 AM, mendiobox <info at mendiobox.com> wrote:


  1.- When drawing with "Continuous Drawing" enabled, it is now possible to quickly use the eraser for one-off strokes without exiting the drawing mode, starting again with the eraser, and then exiting and returning to the original mode. (18e849b)
  > Great update! I love it. Right now the only way to use that with the pen tablet is holding right button on the pen to switch modes, but I wonder if this could be switch using some keyboard shortcut. What is your idea to support better the tablets?

Actually, I was pondering the idea of adding stuff like pressing EKEY to switch to the eraser, and D to start drawing again. Probably all that would be nicer if we also got a dedicated "modal keymap" for handling stuff within the sketching session.

Another idea I had was that perhaps it should handle the tablet eraser events too - since I don't have one myself (well, yet... ;), I can't really say whether this is really something that seems so natural to have.

BTW, do you have any thoughts about what we could do for resolving  https://developer.blender.org/T43867 ? It's about exiting draw mode when you have no keyboard

  2.- The appearance of the eraser has been improved, to make its purpose clearer (da78d2d74255)
  > The icon disappear when you are erasing without holding right button. Example: When you select ERASE and then click (left button) with the mouse or use a pen tablet without holding right button, the eraser still works but don't show the icon. (I reported a BUG here: https://developer.blender.org/T43941)

Ack! Probably partially caused by my own tweaks here for the previous changes :(    But, at least Severin is on it! :)


  3.- F can be used to control the size of the eraser in Strokes Edit Mode (ab3f037)
  > Thanks to include that! I Love it. Anyway right now you can only tweak the size on edit mode but not when you are already erasing. This could be possible?

It doesn't really work that well with the modal operator, but I could have a play around. My guess though is that this just ends up being crazy bad really quick, unless we start duplicating that functionality here... 


  1.- Color swatches for both Stroke and Fill colors are now shown (155bb05)
  > OK.

  2.- Grease Pencil data and layers are now shown in the Outliner (68fc2e2)
  > Amazing! Grease Pencil is started treated as any other object in Blender. Way to go!. I noticed that the outliner only show the currently used GP datablock, not all of them if there are. This is the intended behaviour? If we show every GP datablock on outliner, could be a fast shorcut to change between them. What do you think?

It's currently only showing the ones that are actually attached to something. It might be an idea to show all of them in some dedicated mode, or something similar though. Will need to think about it a bit more.

  3.- Vertex size and color are now themable, as is the color of Grease Pencil keyframes in the timeline (c50003c)
  > OK.

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