[Bf-animsys] Reordering items in the Dope Sheet editor

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Mon Dec 7 23:39:23 CET 2015

Interesting - at first I thought page-up/page-down (for reordering
channels) worked, but on testing I see it only reorders channels on one
object, not the order of objects.
On Mon, 2015-12-07 at 12:05 +0000, N Adams wrote:
> Dear Developers,
> I am working on an animation that has a large number of separate
> animated objects. In the Dope Sheet editor, it is not possible to
> rearrange the order of the objects because they are locked in the
> order in which they were first animated. This means that logical
> groups of objects cannot be placed next to each other in the list,
> which makes editing/moving the keyframes for related objects very
> difficult. Object A could be at the other end of the list from Object
> B, even though the objects are closely related in the animation and
> always need to have their keyframes moved together. When the complete
> list of animated objects does not fit on the screen without scrolling
> up and down, selecting keyframes of related objects becomes even more
> difficult.
> Please could you make it possible to reorder objects in the Dope
> Sheet editor? Drag-and-drop, or little MoveUp / MoveDown arrows would
> do the job (just like an object's materials list).
> Many thanks,
> Nick. 
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