[Bf-animsys] Reordering items in the Dope Sheet editor

N Adams nja59 at outlook.com
Mon Dec 7 13:05:33 CET 2015

Dear Developers,
I am working on an animation that has a large number of separate animated objects. In the Dope Sheet editor, it is not possible to rearrange the order of the objects because they are locked in the order in which they were first animated. This means that logical groups of objects cannot be placed next to each other in the list, which makes editing/moving the keyframes for related objects very difficult. Object A could be at the other end of the list from Object B, even though the objects are closely related in the animation and always need to have their keyframes moved together. When the complete list of animated objects does not fit on the screen without scrolling up and down, selecting keyframes of related objects becomes even more difficult.
Please could you make it possible to reorder objects in the Dope Sheet editor? Drag-and-drop, or little MoveUp / MoveDown arrows would do the job (just like an object's materials list).
Many thanks,
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