[Bf-animsys] New depsGraph and rigging concept in blender

Boris Cohen Tanugi b.cohen.tanugi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 01:38:36 CEST 2015

Thanks a lot Joshua for this clean explanation, things are really more
clear now.
Hope more stuff will come soon to play with, this seems to be a really long
road to clean it all.
Keep fun coding and thank you for your work ! :)

2015-08-30 1:15 GMT+02:00 Jeffrey <italic.rendezvous at gmail.com>:

> > * Also, for the cases that we need multiple groups of bones (from the
> > same armature) acting on the same points but with some of those bones
> > acting before others (useful for creating "layered" deforms,  where
> > one set of bones does the coarse body level deforms while a second set
> > does skin sliding and other fine detsils) , we've (Bassam, Zanqdo, and
> > I) been thinking about making the armature modifier restrict itself to
> > only handling the bones in a particular bone group, or with particular
> > tags. Using such mechanisms, the depsgraph can also get smarter about
> > how it links up interleaved pose evaluation and geometry evaluation.
> >
> Would you happen to have any educational resources laying around about
> this so-called bone layering method? I'm trying to adapt Josh Sobel's
> face rigging method (http://www.joshrigs.com/) to blender, but ran into
> the problem of not being able to layer shapekeys onto meshes (a literal
> translation of the concepts, but I like what he does). However, this
> layered deform triggering sounds intriguing.
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> Jeffrey "Italic_" Hoover
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